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Season 2 episode 2 of CrowdFund Genius goes back to our interviews. And our first interview is with Jennifer from Planty. Planty is a “smart pot” for all you gardeners out there. More importantly Jennifer puts on a clinic when it comes to Facebook advertisement and your crowdfunding campaign. If you’re looking for new ways to strategies for paid advertisement (especially during that middle slump) then you found the right episode!

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Show Notes

  • Jennifer got her start as co-founder of “Social Vision” & working for another startup “Digital Media Management”
  • Planty you can water your plant on the go, monitor sunlight levels, soil moisture all from the app that’s including with your “Smart pot”
  • Jennifer & End Things decided to go with Kickstarter because of how large of an audience Kickstarter already has.
  • “Twinsters” – The last crowdfunding campaign that Jennifer has backed.
  • Released an early version of the app in the iTunes app store before launching their Kickstarter campaign. The app was finished ahead of schedule and they were still in the process of finishing the planter.

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  • HGTV then picked up the app as one of the best gardening apps out there and then received thousands of downloads off of that and were able to build their email list in the process.
  • “I don’t think there is just one single way to win at Kickstarter. You just have to do it all!” – Jennifer
  • Definitely need to figure out a way to get your email list together. Starting from scratch is a bit tough.
  • End Thing (Planty) actually was selected with 4 others by Google for a startup competition. Only 5 companies were selected in all of S. Korea.
  • Crowdfunding gives that opportunity to small companies to be able to receive feedback early on by early adopters.
  • When running Facebook ads, target several groups, don’t go in thinking im going to target just one group and that’s it.
  • Start your FB ads at CPC, and then monitor. Then figure out which targets would be cheaper to pay for an impression level!

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What is the one thing you wish you knew before your launched your crowdfunding campaign?

Jennifer: I think the one thing you really need to know is that this is a 24/7 cycle in the beginning. Its a lot like taking home a baby and not really knowing what your up for. Get a lot of sleep before you deliver. It a lot time wise, it takes up a lot more time than I realize, so I think its really important to clear your schedule that week, I would not recommend you do anything else. Because your going to be sitting there, talking to your, especially in the beginning you get a lot of questions, Its really important that you’re present.

What is the best tip or best advice you can give to any crowdfunder listening to this show hoping to accomplish their crowdfunding goal?

Jennifer: My biggest advice, before you do anything like this, talk to people who have done it before. Listen to podcasts like this so you can gather stories from people who have done it before. I think it just gives you such a leg up, its like really knowing what’s ahead. The really interesting thing you will find over time is a lot of people tell you the same stories. The process is very similar. A lot of excitement in the beginning a lot of excitement at the end. People get really excited when there’s something new and other people will be like “oh maybe I’m going to watch this” and when you get close to your funding goal they will put money in because they see your funded and they want this. Talk to people ahead of time, researching, reading blogs about the Kickstarter experience. All of things really paid off more so than any of the other planning we did. I mean I think having an email list is really important and I think people should do it. I think planning out your ads ahead of time and having them ready to go on day one is important. All of these things are things that you’re going to discover by listening to other people that have done it before. There going to be sharing strategies with you, the other great thing is there is such a lack of; it is such a collaborative environment or community I would say because the people that do this Kickstarter stuff, were not competing. Were all running at different cycles so someone whose already done a different campaign is going to be pretty honest with you because there done. There not competing with you for dollars anymore you know verses when your working in the same industry, ongoing and then your directly competing so people might not be as straight forward. But everybody that I talked to about their past Kickstarter campaign were incredibly helpful. They shared a lot of great information. So I think that would be my biggest recommendation for everybody, talk to people, research and find out. Because it’s a whole other beast of its own, and people who have already tackled that beast, they kind of know how to play that game now.

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Planty Kickstarter Campaign

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